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Playtech’s Rocky Slots - a Fight for the Jackpot

Rocky Balboa is an enduring American icon, and now he has stepped out of his cult-classic film series to make an appearance on your own gaming screen, thanks to the introduction of Playtech Software’s online slot machine, Rocky Slots. Featuring all the complexities and excitement of a twenty-five-payline, five-reel slot game, enhanced by the intricacies of scatter symbols, wild symbols, free spins, and a lucrative Knockout Bonus round. If you haven’t yet gotten into the ring with Rocky, here’s a preview of this knockout game from Playtech.

The Rocky Slots Multimedia Multiplier Experience

Fans of the Rocky movies will love the inclusion of Rocky-related graphics, film clips from the original movies, sound effects (the reels spin to the drumroll-like sound of a speed-bag workout), and interactive action in the form of knockout round fights between Rocky and opponents from the films. The symbols of play themselves are images from the films, characters including Rocky himself, and the star-and-stripe-bedecked letters that spell out his name for extra bonuses. While you play, you’ll be in the virtual company of Rocky and his film companions, who stick around to enjoy the action with you.

The game itself is built in a “multiplier” variety of slot machines, allowing the gamer to select the denomination of wager (ranging from a penny per play to over one thousand dollars for the high rollers), and selecting the number of lines to play and the wager per line. The amount of your win is proportional to the amount of your wager, with bonus multipliers added in for specific circumstances.

A gamer who would just like the entertainment of playing in Rocky’s arena can engage in free versions of the game at casinos like EuroGrand, but it’s a profitable venture for those who choose to wager, paying out sizeable bonuses and allowing for substantial wagers. You can download the game to your personal computer or smart phone, or play in the no-download format online. Warm up your boxing arms and step into the ring with Rocky!

How to Play Rocky Slots

The online slot machine game itself is a straightforward and easy one to play, with just a few simple steps to get you swinging your virtual punches:

1. Your virtual view of the Rocky Slots screen allows you to select your coin denomination with plus or minus buttons. Select the amount you’d like to gamble.

2. Select your wager-per-line with the button labeled “bet per line;” you can add to each payline wager by continuing to click the button until you’re satisfied.

3. Choose which paylines you’re going to play using the “select lines” button to add paylines, or clicking on the colored buttons at the sides of the individual reels. Clicking on any of the higher-numbered paylines will activate not only that payline, but the lower-numbered ones below it as well. To select all the playlines at once, you can simply click the “Bet Max” button and jump right in.

4. When your playlines are activated and you’re ready to step in the ring, click the “Spin” button!

5. At any point during play, you can select the “Paytable” button to see the summary of payouts, and your own winnings are automatically added up as you play.

If you’d prefer to skip the button-selection at every step, you can enable the autoplay option, which sets the slot machine to play automatically on your behalf for a certain number of spins. Select the “Auto Start” button at the bottom of the screen, set the autoplay function with the denomination and number of paylines you’d like to play, choose how many games you’d like to have autoplayed for you, and simply hit “Auto Start” to begin the game.

Ways to Win with Rocky

Gone are the days when a boring row of cherries signaled a slot machine win. Today’s game features the complexities of multiple ways to win, boosting the excitement of the game and increasing your chances of scoring a win in one way or another. With Rocky a player can win with any one of a number of features, and with varying betting options, a player can choose to play at the lower end or go for the high roller options, all while playing the single enjoyable game.

Match symbols for a jackpot. Most of the symbols on your Rocky reels are images of characters from the film series, and when you win a play with a character’s image, you’ll be treated to video excerpts from the movies featuring that character. The biggest jackpot (ten thousand coins, or two hundred thousand dollars with the maximum bet) calls for five images of Rocky on a single payline, with other characters carrying different values. Five-in-a-row of Apollo wins one thousand coins (or twenty thousand dollars with the maximum bet), and the third ranking jackpot is five images of Ivan, which earns eight hundred coins (or sixteen thousand dollars with a maximum wager). It’s worth noting that the enormous two hundred thousand dollar jackpot places Rocky Slots among the top slot games for profitable payouts.

Spell out "Rocky."Among the symbols which can turn up in each real are the letters that spell out the name Rocky, embellished in full American glory of stars and stripes. If your five reels spin up the consecutive letters to spell Rocky, you score five times your total wagers on that play. The letters can be in any of the five reels, but each letter needs to be in the appropriate placement on the reel (“R” as the first symbol on a reel, for example) in order to qualify. If, among your five reels, you have the five letters in the appropriate spots, you’ve scored a Rocky and a quintuple win. The Rocky feature is active even during free games, unlike the knockout round bonuses.

Scatter the competition. The appearance of the scatter symbol multiplies your payout by up to one hundred times your original wager.

Rack up free spins. The scatter symbol in this game is Rocky’s “Italian Stallion” icon, and the appearance these scatter symbols on a play—distributed anywhere among your five reels—can score as many as twenty-five free spins for you. Three scatter symbols give you fifteen free plays; four scatter symbols score you twenty free plays; and five scatter symbols net you a whopping twenty-five free plays. And as if the free games weren’t enough, all of your wins during those free games are automatically doubled! The game places your bets automatically in the free spin rounds, and the bet is based on whatever wager you had placed during the round that won you the free spins. This is another area where a higher wager during regular play stands to benefit you when that wager is used as a basis for up to twenty five additional rounds of play. Consider that the payouts from these free rounds are doubled, and you stand to win a good amount IF your wager is a substantial one. You could find yourself sorely disappointed if those bonus rounds turned up potentially staggering wins and you’d only bet nickels on the triggering round of play.

Rocky Wild boosts you to payouts. Fittingly enough, the wild symbol in the Rocky game is the image of Rocky himself. “Wild Rocky” can be substituted for any other symbol in the game (with the exception of the Italian Stallion scatter symbol and the boxing gloves which launch you into a bonus knockout round), enabling you to complete payouts by adding your wild Rocky symbols to any lineup to make it a winning spin.

Knockout Rounds pay big bonuses. The boxing glove is the Knockout symbol, and whenever the knockout gloves appear on the first and fifth reels simultaneously (a right-handed white glove on the first reel and a left-handed red glove in the fifth reel), you get to play a bonus Knockout Round. The knockout round involves a ten-round match in the boxing ring with the opponent of your choice, selected from Rocky’s three most notorious opponents(“Siberian Bull” Ivan Drago, “Master of Disaster” Apollo Creed, and “Southside Slugger” Clubber Lang). The fights themselves are enhanced with the inclusion of video clips from the original movies. For each round that Rocky wins, you score three times your total wager. If Rocky manages a knockout before the tenth and final round, you are automatically considered the winner of the remaining rounds, racking up triple wins on your wagers for all of those rounds.If you’re choosing not to play all the reels in the games, you should consider including the first and fifth reels among the ones you DO play, allowing yourself the option of scoring a Knockout Round experience.One limitation on the Knockout Rounds; when you’re playing free games won with the scatter symbols, the Knockout Round won’t be triggered even if the glove symbols show up on the first and fifth reels.

Add a gamble. After any given round, you can choose a gamble for the chance to double your winnings from that round. You’ll draw a randomly generated card, wagering on the color (black or red) of the playing card, and scoring a double payout if you guess correctly. You can even choose to keep going; if you guess correctly, you can try to double your winnings again with another gamble. When you decide to return to the main game, simply click the “collect” button, which adds all your gamble winnings to your existing balance, and returns you to the slot machine game for your next round.

Cashing Out Your Rocky Wins

If you’ve chosen to bet only on selected paylines, only the winning combinations from your active paylines will count. (As you choose your gaming approach, do take into consideration the frustration you’d feel if you saw a two hundred thousand dollar win line up on a payline you didn’t choose to enable!) The one exception to this rule is the scatter symbols, which will count toward your play whenever they appear, even if they show up on a payline you haven’t chosen to enable. The computerized game calculates your wins from each play, and keeps score of your payouts according to the game’s paytable. You can watch your balance build as you continue to play. If a particular payline features more than one “winning” combination, the game will pay out the highest-paying combination, but not more than one combination for that line—except for in the case of scatters. Every bonus you earn in play will also be added to the wins you’ve scored on the individual paylines.

Online Casino Where you can Box with Rocky

Playtech Software has been figuratively hitting the jackpot with their movie-themed slot, finding that gamers enjoy the interactions with elements of their favorite cherished films. Playtech powered casinos which feature Rocky slots include the following:

  • Mansion Casino
  • EuroGrand Casino
  • Titan Casino
  • Bet365 Casino
  • EuroPalace Casino
  • Casino Tropez
  • BetFair Casino
  • Casino Del Rio
  • Windows Casino

Go Mobile with Rocky Slots

Playtech Software has taken the online gaming experience of Rocky Slots to a new level of mobility by offering Rocky Slots as part of their “Mobile Casino” line-up, available for download on smart phones and mobile devices. The Playtech mobile platform can be downloaded as an application onto the home screen of your mobile device, where you can then proceed to log in with the same username you use at your home computer. Your player account and account balances are accessible, and the game has been converted into a format that can be easily and enjoyably played right in the palm of your hand. For many online gamers, the times when they’d most wish to have the entertainment of their favorite games are precisely those times when they aren’t sitting home with the personal computer accessible, so the mobile casino is the perfect answer to having your favorite entertainment with you wherever you go. Keep Rocky in your pocket, and enjoy a good fight any time.