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Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven Strategy—Winning on the Virtual Racetrack

In honor of a historic day at the Ascot Racetrack, in which Italian jockey won all seven races in a single day, Playtech Software released its Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven video slot, drawing on the heady excitement of a race day to bring online gamers the winning experience of Ascot racing in Frankie’s saddle. The game features some highest paying jackpots (up to twenty thousand dollars for the top jackpot with a row of winning Frankie icons) and a player can optimize the odds of winning with thoughtful and strategic play. The payout percentages of these slot games are set, on the average, to 98%, but it’s a safe bet that the average tips in favor of those who place their wagers thoughtfully, with the house profits coming from the pockets of those who don’t play strategically. You can play this slot for free at any leading Playtech casino. We recommend Grand Reef. Here are some tips for making the most of your time in the racetrack…

Practice For Free Before Betting

If you’re unfamiliar with the game, you can opt to take a few trial runs at the track before putting your real money on the line by playing the free version at any one of a number of the best online casinos, and making some mental notes of the outcomes of different betting strategies. Compare the results of how you score with your winnings if you bet only on selected playlines (and keep track of the payouts you miss on playlines you didn’t activate), and see how you do with the “gamble” feature, taking the opportunity to double the winnings from any spin by predicting whether a randomly generated playing card will be higher or lower than the dealer’s card. A dry run with nothing on the line can be an informative and educational exercise in preparation for your real play, and any person who enjoys the challenge of calculating the odds will find some enjoyment in the experiment as well as the actual play. You can accomplish the same ends, of course, with penny-level betting if you prefer that over the free versions of the game.

Maximize your Winnings by Activating all the Playlines

Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven is the type of game called a bonus multiplier, meaning that you have additional opportunities to score bonus wins as different rows of symbols turn up, and even a race leading to additional free games and Magic Seven bonus rounds when your combined playlines turn up particular combinations of symbols. Unlike a straight multiplier game, where the payout is directly proportional to the amount of your wager, a bonus multiplier can increase exponentially when the symbols stack up in your favor, but you miss out on payouts when you don’t activate all the playlines and have to forfeit winning rows that don’t count because they’re inactive. If you don’t want to feel the emotional pain of watching a major jackpot line up on your screen and then realizing your bet doesn’t permit you to take that jackpot home, you’ll do best to bet at least a minimum amount on all the lines, keeping all the possibilities in play.

The Magic Seven Bonus Round is triggered when your play turns up a pair of racetrack icons (one each in the first and fifth reels), and takes you to an entirely extra round of play, where you choose sections of the racetrack to reveal extra cash prizes and bonuses hidden there. Once again, you increase the odds of landing a bonus round if you’ve activated all the lines of play. Even a minimal bet on the line in question will get you into the bonus round, but an inactive line does you no good at all, regardless of what turns up on that line.

The one bonus that isn’t affected by a choice to play only selected lines is the scatter bonus, as the scatter symbol (the “Magic Seven” game logo) actually counts toward your play whenever it appears, regardless of whether it’s in one of the activated playlines. The scatter symbol can multiply your winnings, and if you turn up more than three of them, you can also score up to thirty-five free rounds of play, in which your winnings will be doubled for each of those plays.

Some people choose not to activate all the playlines in order to conserve their playing money and make the play last longer, but since it substantially reduces your chances of winning more playing money, it’s really just another route to shortening your playing time—and taking home fewer winnings to boot. Plan instead to bet at least the minimum on every line of play, and your increased winning odds should supply you with playing money to keep on playing, perhaps even longer than if you’d pinched your pennies at the betting end and run out of money by missing the possible wins.

Higher Bets Rack Up Winnings Faster

When you strategize how much money to wager on each play, consider the fact that each wager has the opportunity to be multiplied many times over, making a higher bet (within the reach of your budget, of course) a more productive investment. If you score any of the multipliers, you’ll be glad you didn’t bet pennies on that play. If you do well with the additional “Gamble” feature (enabling you to double your payout from any particular play by correctly guessing whether a randomly drawn card is higher or lower than its predecessor), you stand to rack up the winnings by leaps and bounds. Unlike some other games’ gamble features, where you have a fifty/fifty chance of guessing correctly at something like the color of a randomly drawn playing card, Frankie Dettori’s gamble gives you better odds of predicting correctly. When the visible card is at the lower end of the spectrum, the odds are in your favor when you guess that the next card will be higher; and the reverse, of course, is also true. With your entire spin’s earnings on the line, your odds are better than a mere fifty/fifty guess to double your winnings, and you can play again (and again) until you hit the five-thousand limit for that play. If you prove to do well with your predictions, you can incorporate the gamble as a regular part of your strategic play to maximize your take-home winnings.

Try a Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven Tournament

You can further multiply your winnings by entering a multiplayer tournament featuring Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven. Tournament play involves a set time frame in which to play the game, while you score tournament points for the amount you win during that playing time, as well as the number of spins you complete. It’s important to note that one of the elements of tournament success is playing quickly and efficiently, rapidly racking up tournament points by multiple spins, so your strategy during a tournament is probably going to be significantly different from the choices you make when you’re playing on your own without time pressures. When time is an issue during tournament play, make use of the “Auto Play” option, which allows you to pre-set your video machine to make your bets for you. You choose the number of lines you want to play, the amount you want to bet, and the number of spins you want to have automatically played, and then you hit the “Auto Play” button and let the game go to work for you.

Play slots for free here without the need to register beforehand:

For the same reason, you’ll probably want to skip the extra “gamble” option during tournament play. (If you’re using the Auto Play feature, it already bypasses the gamble option. Although the gamble has the possibility of increasing your winnings (which does contribute to your tournament points) it also takes extra time, and might actually result in putting you behind in points than ahead. This is another area where a trial run with free play before a tournament could help you plan your tournament strategy; see how quickly you play compared to the auto play function, and calculate how many tournament points you would be scoring with your trial play—a number you can compare to leaderboards from previous tournaments to get a feel for how you would place.

The real target of tournament play is winning the tournament’s prize jackpot, which can be sizeable. In a tournament, the winnings of the game play itself are secondary to the big prize in the form of the tournament prize; in addition to the wins you’ve actually scored with your play, you can also take away that big prize on top of the game winnings. Check out the options for tournaments with the Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven at your favorite online casinos, and see if you can’t increase your Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven wins by outracing the tournament competition with Frankie’s help.

As you saddle up for the races, just remember that Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven isn’t just a game of luck or chance; a player who thinks about the play will win significantly more than a person with no strategy—and surely there’s no question in which category you’d like to place yourself. Apart from being offered at the Grand Reef Casino, you can find this game at a plethora of toop online-casinos.