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How video slots have become so popular

Slots account for about 70% of a casino or online gambling website’s profits. As such they are very eager to promote new developments and innovations within the slot machine area. Other popular casino games are roulette and blackjack. Video slots have become increasingly popular over the years due to their exciting but easy to use interfaces and the possibility to win vast sums of money with very little effort.

Earliest models of video slots were first introduced around the same time as the development of the personal computer (PC). Due to the expensive nature of such products in the 1980’s, these video slots were not widely commercialised until the late 1990’s when the price of such products significantly dropped and video slots become more widely usable in casino’s and online (although to a lesser extent).

Video Slots have become a very attractive and effective method of gambling, with high pay out rates and low costs. The games work by entering cash or another form of legal tender into the gaming machine. Players then have a choice of how much they would like to bet on each spin of the reel. Often video slots have multiple pay lines and so the more money you bet, the more chances you have of winning. This may range from a small bet covering a straight line to a larger bet covering a variety of lines, diagonals and zig-zags across the pay lines, increasing the chance of winning.

Pay outs are determined by how rare the winning combination is. So for example 5 cherries across a line may be a frequent win, and provide a humble amount of money, whereas getting a collection of diamonds across a five time multiplier line may provide a much larger, substantial win. Some video slots which work on progressive jackpot systems can even provide life changing sums of money, although their pay out rates are considerably lower.

It has become a fashion nowadays for people to play video slots for varying reasons. Some play purely for the profit, as these machines can provide a quick and effective manner of maximising money if played correctly. Others play for the sheer thrill that is provided by a video slot machine. That is to say that more traditional or classic slot machines do not provide the same kind of variety as a video slot machine. This is because video slot machines allow multiple win lines, they allow for more features such as bonus spins and multiplier wins and they allow for a more vivid and immersive experience due to the highly developed nature of their graphics interface.

Nonetheless, it is important to remember that video slots are innovations which are constantly changing; from their humble beginnings in the 1980’s to what they are today has been a massive transformation. For those that play these machines regularly these developments are exciting and enthralling. Who knows what the future of video slots is, but one thing is for sure, they will always be popular. The aptly named Spin Palace has more than 300 Slots, so if you want to play online, this is the place to go to.

Why choose Video Slots?

When compared to the more classic slots found in a casino, video slots are far superior. They have superb graphics, excellent sound effects and visuals and they encourage a more rapid style of play that suits internet gamblers. They also present a wider choice, meaning you can play a slot machine that more closely fits your preferences.

Those that play regularly will vehemently assert that video slots offer a far more interesting experience than classic slots. They provide a more immersive graphical experience and take away from the more mundane and narrow choice presented by their more traditional counterparts. On top of this is the added attraction of a higher pay out rate. Video slots actually pay out more frequently and they also offer larger jackpots, like at CasinoEuro. The choice is much wider with more and more styles being introduced every month.

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Apart from the larger jackpots, there are also multiple pay lines. These allow you to enter your money into more than one video slot at a time, vastly increasing your chances of winning and also adding to the excitement. It also means the risks are spread in a wider fashion, meaning that although it feels more exhilarating than just having one chance; your chances of winning are actually increased. So it is actually more fun for less money!

Another type of video slots known as “multiplier slots” are becoming evidently more attractive and popular as time goes on. In these video slots, the payout is calculated based upon how many coins you put into one particular slot. By this it means that if you put two coins into one slot rather than one, you will rewarded with two times the amount that you would win if you only put one coin in. This obviously improves the pay out quite considerably, and if you are daring enough to put a large number of coins into one slot then you will be rewarded with a huge payout, which cannot be won from the more traditional slots. This has developed into something called “bonus multiplier slots” in which you can receive added rewards and incentives if you meet the required number of coins for a particular game and then go on to win. All of these features add to the thrill of the slots and are only offered by video slots which can be found aplenty at Spin Palace.

LAs video slots are becoming more and more popular the providers have been creating new games. As such, if you leave the video slots alone for a month or so, you will likely be greeted by two or three, maybe four, new games when you return, meaning you never really get bored of the whole experience.

As a final bonus the features offered by video slots are a lot more varied, including bonus rounds, auto spins and extra free spins which cannot be found in the more traditional slots.

Overall it seems that video slots are certainly progressing and becoming an even more exciting way to gamble!